Fem Fest 2023 DAY 1: Network Mix & Mingle

Feminist grassroots communities meet
Festival - Wed 8 March 2023
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 18:30
End → 21:30

WORM and Kontra want to celebrate the many individuals and organisations that have been at the backbone of feminist grassroots activism in Rotterdam!
Community organising has been at the backbone of feminist activism, not only in Rotterdam but beyond. From the constant interlaying between those that work on the field and the institutional sphere, to the pressure from the communities – International Women’s Day has often been signaled by feminist activists as a day to raise awareness and attention to Women’s rights and more.
On this day, the 8th of March 2023, on the day the SlutWalk Rotterdam would take place, we will be hosting an intimate moment of joy and celebration to feminist activists operating in the Rotterdam scene. In this Network Mix and Mingle we will not be meeting with a purpose but purposely meeting, to exchange experiences, war stories, joy and strength.
Therefore, we are cordially inviting organisations and individuals that not only have been involved with the Fem Fest and the SlutWalk during these past years, but that are active in Rotterdam, making space with a feminist and inclusive purpose.

**This event is by invite only **

.. however, do you believe yourself or your organisation should be included in this moment? Please reach out to us at kontra.rotterdam@gmail.com! We want to be able to include everyone actively involved in feminist activism in Rotterdam.