Feed Your Desire – Queer Poetry/Writing Workshop

Workshop - Thu 11 July 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 19:00
End → 21:30

desire: as an entity, as a call to action, as a (de)tangler of identity, as a presence, as folklore, as myth, as legend, as root-print and memory-maker

A creative call to lovers, others, givers, takers, yearners, wanters, needers, feeders. The workshop aims to open different gateways into writing with/through/towards desire and to understand desire as the entry point itself – radically transformative and endlessly (im)possible. What becomes of us in the encounter? Where do we end up? Where do we end? Through creative experiments, participants embark on a collective descent into these murky realms.

During the workshop we will unlock our desires via writing exercises, which also include creative forms such as collaging, illustration, playlist-making. There will also be some somatic exercises that derive from Elliot and Prerna’s backgrounds in performance. Participants will have a chance to share their creations in the group.

SIGN UP HERE till 4th of July . Hosts Elliot & Prerna will send everybody a short text to read prior to the workshop & further info.
The workshop is free of charge and it is open to all levels of poetry writing experience. There will be a short break with snacks.

Prerna Bajaj is a poet and multi-disciplinary artist from Karachi, Pakistan and is currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands. She considers her work to be an ethnographic effort, playing with the boundaries between dreams/reality, presence/absence, desire/grief, and Self/Other.
Her literary work aims to fuse theory, critique, activism, visual and performative expression, dealing thus with sentiments otherwise discarded as “non-speech”. A staunch believer in poetic resistance, negative hermeneutics, and subversive technique, they exalt the sensory by setting it in motion with(out) words. Their study takes from film, music, literature, psychoanalysis, (non-Western) philosophy and visual art.

Elliot Waloschek is a poet, performer and artist from London, based in Rotterdam. Fusing myth with mundanity, and intention with accident, his work webs a wet mythology of transformation, other(ed)ness and transmasculinity.

An alumnus of Roundhouse Poetry Collective and Apples & Snakes Writing Room, his work has been featured on BBC radio and published by the Poetry Society, Bathmagg, and Broken Sleep Books. He was the winner of the 2020 Roundhouse Slam. He has performed at festivals and venues around the UK and NL and he also curates intentional poetry events. His debut solo poetry show, Waterlog, debuted at Roundhouse Last Word Festival 2023.

Language: English
Duration: 2.5h