re-childing, LIVE from the #wunderbar with Ege Şahin and Esat Ekincioğlu

Rechilding with Ege Sahin
Concert - Sun 26 March 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 14:30
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

In this month’s re-childing, bass player Esat Ekincioğlu is joining Ege Şahin for musical expression, exploration, and an everyday discussion including the audience. Expect noise, groove, absurd melodies, electricity, and woodwork.

Join us in the #Wunderbar for the full live experience—always free entry—or tune in here!

Esat Ekincioğlu is a Turkish bass player, improviser, composer and manager based in Groningen, the Netherlands. A versatile and in-demand bass player, Esat spends much of the year on the road, playing throughout Europe, the Near East and China. Apart from his successful bands KUHN FU and AVA Trio and newly premiered quartet Esat Ekincioğlu’s Turkish Pumpkin, Esat likes to play in duos where he explores unknown areas of double bass playing, improvisation and microtonal music.

The monthly show ‘re-childing’ is a 2-hour-long radio concert series taking RadioWorm and Worm’s foyer as a temporal playground, where in each iteration a new guest is invited to improvise, explore, and discuss sonic issues with the host Ege Şahin.

The Hague-based Ege Şahin makes avant-garde experimental ambient music falling around composition, performance, and sound art. Having a background in jazz, he likes to play with various types of guitars, synths, objects, field recordings, and club bangers to make emotive music.