Expanded Radio #8 Rohan Chander

#Wunderbar radio waves!
Concert - Sun 18 September 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 14:00
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

Come down to WORM Foyer and take in some live expanded radio! Expect live gigs, happenings, poetry, noise… the ether made flesh, in other words. This week: Rohan Chander!

Rohan Chander (a.k.a BAKUDI SCREAM) is a musician based in New York and Los Angeles. His work concerns the positioning of personal experience upon post digital culture, calling attention to identity, body, performativity, and bias. Rohan’s primary engagement with genre space as a vehicle for critique of community against the self creates larger, often extra-terrestrial narratives about methods for self actualization. His work attempts to grapple with how these processes enable a malleable understanding of identity while recognizing our responsibility towards community, equity, and expressive liberty.

What is Expanded Radio?
Radio WORM comes out from behind the glass for live gigs and special events with our regular radio makers and their guests, broadcast directly from inside the #Wunderbar. Grab a drink and join us in the foyer, or tune in online. Always free!