Dr. Squish’s Experimental Practice

Interactive performances in a club setting
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 21:00
End → 02:00

Dr. Squish’s Experimental Practice invites you to a night full of interactive performances, showcasing various ways of caring, fixing, and healing. Performing artists will successfully (or not) find solutions for internal or external issues.

Insecurities? Broken heart? Broken phone? Bring it all!
Societal expectations? Fxck them! No problem is too big!

Dr. Squish is offering different approaches: cathartic moments as well as mindfulness. The five performances, presented by – Aubane Berthommé Martinez, Nataly Wood and Georgie Hazelgrove will take you on a journey of tackling problems. Visual artist Naomi Moonlion will wrap you in their oniric and colourful cocoon.
Feeling inadequate about your size? Struggling to navigate the healthcare system? Is your tummy hurting from over consuming arts and entertainment? On the edge of breaking down and needing some extra love or some extra wine?
Look no further, join us on the eternal search of problem fixing.
Accompanied by a club setting and soundscapes from Princess-K DJ and surprise DJ to follow.

Get ready to dance, share and get squished.
We invite members of the local queer community to Squish’s playful self-loving moment.

In order to create a cozy, caring safe space, the performers who host the night will handle the role of floor angels. We apply a zero tolerance policy concerning inappropriate behaviours and discrimination.
Our team offers a "walk home together" after this event. If you feel unsafe to walk home alone, share your live location with us and one of our team member will virtually walk with you.

About Squish:
Squish is a queer and feminist cultural platform, collaborating with local artists belonging to queer and proletarian communities. Through the organisation of multidisciplinary events, the organisation wants to politicise nightlife, share non-dominant perspectives, and offer a space to grow and interact for marginalised communities.
The organisation wants to offer space and support to vulnerable communities. Allies of the queer community are welcome as long as they are respectful.

for more info: IG of Squish

Programme of the night :* :*

Expect our ongoing acts 21:00 – 00:00
Cucumber Temple massage station – Aubane Berthommé Martinez
Princess-K (our favourite DJ for you mood)
In every half an hour catch the following interactive performances 21:00 – 02:00
Becoming Perfect part 1 and 2 – Nataly Wood
Doctor Doctor – Georgie Hazelgrove + Nataly Wood
Paint with no paint – Aubane Berthommé Martinez
Sausage Stand Off – Georgie Hazelgrove + Nataly Wood
Pig Art – Georgie Hazelgrove
Disco ankle- Aubane Berthommé Martinez
Surprise DJ 00:00 – 02:00
‘Cocktail Apotheek’ allnighter withomemade Caipirinha, Sangria and Green Fury

Fever Dreams of a Hermite – Naomi Moonlion (video & installation)

Participants / Team:

**Aubane Berthommé Martinez **- @aubane.bm
As a visual artist and curator, Aubane explores, with no medium limitation, the political implications of classes, sexuality, and gender identity. By using performance as a tool to interact with her audience, she wishes to create a sensual and playful atmosphere.

Georgie Hazelgrove – @bangers_n_beanz
A multimedia artist from the UK. With a background in theatre and filmmaking, they are experimenting with audio-visual performance art. In exploring the use of different senses—sound, smell, and touch—to create a visceral experience.

Nataly Wood – @nataly_witha_why
Nataly was always the shy one, until she discovered theatre at the age of 12, and then there was no coming back from that. Since then, she’s been experiencing and investigating theater, performing, and visual arts as a tool for the development of social skills and "intense" interaction.

Naomi Moonlion @naomimoonlion
Naomi Moonlion (they/them) is a non binary artist, Jewish witch and writer. They are based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Through their interdisciplinary art projects, they aim to make utopian and political fantasies into reality. Their work manifests itself in embodied research, approaching topics like identity politics, belonging and creating community
through a queer and spiritual perspective. To provide a moment of slowness, an antithesis to the capitalist rush that we so easily get absorbed in. By sharing their imaginations with their audience, they urge people to relate to their humanness together, to start to experience interbeing.

**Princess-K **- @princess.k.dj
our favorite dj 🙂