an evening dedicated to the darker side of cumbia
Concert - Sat 20 July 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 04:00

The team of CINEMA COLOMBIANO and INTERRUPCIÓN present something new: DOOOMBIA FEST – an evening dedicated to the darker side of cumbia. There will be live music and after midnight DJ’s take over.

From Hamburg we’re welcoming EL SATÁNICO CUMBIÓN. The group is inspired by the cumbia rebajada from Monterrey and makes their own type of hypnotic dark cumbia. Visitors will see a different side of Alex Figueira when he returns to Rotterdam under the guise of EL TERROR DEL MAMBO. And there’s a first-time collaboration between Guatemalan artist DAGG3R and LOS DOOOMBIAMBEROS. EL JAVIER_B Y SU RASPADUB complements the line-up with an acid melange of cumbia and vinyl. Furthermore, CUMBIA PRINTS will bring a new selection of cumbia-inspired shirts. And in case you get lost: DR. DOOOMBIA will show you the way as your host this evening.

After the live performances, we continue until 4am with a cumbia club night. Expect some explosive tunes from ALEX FIGUEIRA, who will play records from his vast vinyl collection. DR. CALAVERA will bring some Mexican sounds to the dance floor, while the duo of CUMBIA / PERREO PRINTS close down the night with an explicit set.

El Satánico Cumbión
After a memorable midnight session during the festival Cinema Colombiano 2022, our friends from Hamburg return to Rotterdam, but this time with their full line-up! El Satánico Cumbión is an hypnotic stoner cumbia sound system, founded in 2019. Their sound is influenced by the slowed-down cumbia (cumbia rebajada) movement from Monterrey, Mexico, mixed with drones and experimental sounds. The group has gained popularity across Hamburg and beyond for their dynamic live shows, catchy rhythms and vibrant stage presence, turning the night into an inferno-shamanistic experience.

El Terror del Mambo
The latest solo incursion of Tropical music maverick, Alex Figueira; delving into the annals of electronic music, with the same adventurous, experimental and irresistibly groovy approach of his many other projects (Fumaça Preta, Conjunto Papa Upa, Lola’s Dice, Alex Figueira solo). Combining the most obscure and improbable samples from his extensive record collection, unusually syncopated drum machine patterns and a vast plethora of synth noises with hedonistic, sinful and occultist lyrics – sometimes whispered, sometimes screamed – Figueira’s new musical incarnation will take you to a dark place, where you will feel equally drawn to and scared by. A place where all your musical preconceptions will be torn apart, after being exposed to the truly unutterable rhythms that will come out of his laptop.

Dagg3r & los Dooombiamberos
Hailed by none other than Iván Medellín (Conjunto Media Luna, Romperayo) as the instigators of doombia, Los Dooombiamberos are set to open this inaugural edition of DooombiaFest. For this special occasion, the experimental cumbia trio are teaming up with Dagg3r from Guatemala. The wind was fierce, howling like a banshee it was… Dagg3r started their experimental journey over 10 years ago. First without a moniker, then as Prophetiae Sibyllarum: a project that encapsuled their path through grief, selfreclusion and depression. This project went to sleep, giving space to the raging banshee that is Dagg3r – screaming their heart out while welcoming Death as an eternal companion. It is the shadow that follows.
Dagg3r’s necromancer drone noise will blend with the slowed down cumbia rhythms of Los Dooombiamberos, who bring their own traditional and DIY instruments to the stage. This collab proves to be a fiery and ritualistic opener to DooombiaFest.

El Javier_B y su RaspaDub
After spending countless hours down in the catacombs of Radio Worm listening to the Misfits, Dorindo Cárdenas and Chúpame el Dedo; little Javi decided to chew a lysergic güira trip to explore what was beyond the decks. Swimming through wax, tape, echoes and keys; little Javi morphed into “El Javier_B y su RaspaDub” – an acid melange of cumbia and vinyl.

Cumbia Prints
Proudly designed & printed in Hamburg: Cumbia Prints are back in Rotterdam with a new stash of shirts! Pedro and Lucia believe in making cool prints that last over time and are part of your FIESTA. Their shirts are handprinted and are inspired by European iconographies related to classic Satanism, while mixing them with the bright colours and energy of Latin America.

Dr. Dooombia
The sinister Dr. Dooombia is a supervillain who dedicates his life to sabotaging cumbia rhythms. The mad scientist has only one goal in life: to show the world the meaning of Dooombia. The Doctor will be your host during the evening, guiding you through all the twisted experiments taking place.

After midnight: CUMBIA CLUB NIGHT!
With DJ’s Alex Figueira (vinyl set), Dr. Calavera (live music) and Cumbia / Perreo Prints. Until 4am.
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Poster by Kevin Simón Mancera

Regular tickets are now on presale for 10 euros. This includes the club night.
Separate tickets for the club night are also available (entry from 23:30)