Discover unique voices: The Literary and Artistic Documentation Initiative About Palestine

Supporting Palestinian writers and artists and preserving the Palestinian narrative
Art & expo - Fri 21 June 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 14:00
End → 20:00

Photographs, books, embroideries from Palestine and interviews: visit Wahaj Bani Moufleh’s exhibition and discover the public program organized by IEJAZ and the Artistic and Literary Documentation Initiative on Palestine!

Free entrance

Artistic and Literary Documentation Initiative on Palestine
In light of recent developments, we have launched the Artistic and Literary Documentation Initiative on Palestine. This initiative aims to showcase the creative expressions and narratives of Palestinian writers and artists, particularly those in Gaza. Our goal is to provide them with a platform to share their work, preserve the Palestinian cultural narrative, and counter distorted portrayals.

Through this initiative, we publish the writings of Gaza’s authors and display the artworks of Gaza’s artists. By promoting their social media accounts, we seek to offer them support and recognition. Additionally, we are developing a comprehensive documentation project that will culminate in the publication of books and various media materials.

We invite everyone to support this initiative by spreading the word and encouraging others to contribute. Your support can help amplify the voices of Palestinian writers and artists, ensuring their stories and art reach a wider audience.

Moreover, we welcome invitations to exhibitions and events in the Netherlands where we can participate, display their works, and provide an overview of the initiative. This will help further introduce the talents and narratives of Palestinian creators to a broader public, fostering understanding and appreciation of their contributions.

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