Demetrio Cecchitelli + Project van Dijk

Concert - Sat 6 May 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 19:00
Start → 19:30
End → 22:00

Demetrio Cecchitelli is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and research artist. He will be working in WORM’s Sound Studios, so a rare chance to see him perform!

Listen in here!

Project van Dijk is a Rotterdam-based drone project
Listen in here!

They tell us this, below. Intrigued? Pop down for a drone-out.

Verhalen van de Dijk
Near the Klingon shrine of n’eEl Tje J’anS.
The shrine is the most important shrine of the Klingons. The first written text of this warrior race is guarded here:
"mo’Dajvo’ pa’wIjDaq je narghpu’ He’So’bogh SajlIj."
(Your stinking pet has escaped from its cage and appeared in my quarters.)
In the Klingon Mythology the first Bat’leth was made by the two Klingon forefathers kR’oYY and ba’Mby who were milk brothers. They were ‘Born from waters of mighty perineum ‘ near to the shrine. They were raised an fed with seal milk by F’OoKa’A the Mother Seal. Who ‘split the waters of all the worlds’ to Freshwater and Salty water. Two sentences are written on the Bat’leth.
1. vavlI’ quv Say’moHmeH nuj bIQ vIlo’chugh, nuj bIQ vIlammoH.
(If I use spit (mouth water) to clean your father’s honor, I only dirty the spit.)
2. be’HomDu’na’wIjtIq’a’Du’na’vaD ghureghqangqa’moHlaHqu’be’taH’a’ Somraw’a’meyna’wIj’e’?
(Is it not that my many, large, scattered muscles are quite capable of swelling for the benefit of the hearts of many scattered girls?)
Bmb & K’roly