Cosmic Bride: A performance in _____ (Natalia Kharetskaya & Raz Isac)

A music performance with sensor technology and light installation + electronical set by COW shift Z!
Concert - Fri 23 June 2023
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

20:00 doors @ WORM/UBIK Boomgaardsstraat 69
20:30 Cosmic Bride in ____
21:15 short break
21:30 COW shift Z
22:30 end

**Cosmic Bride in **
Cosmic Bride is an artistic act, run by Natalia Kharetskaya who is a vocalist, composer and producer born in Lithuania and currently living in Rotterdam. The stage name was inspired by Igor Stavinsky, who popularised Lithuanian traditional music world-wide and stated “Music is the Bride of the Cosmos”.

Natalia explores her artistic heritage and the idea of space as a persona: Cosmic Bride is pushing boundaries of a concert experience with the integration of movement-based control systems, which are altering the sounds of a string quartet and the voice, with sensor rings on her fingers. The combination of vocals, pre-recorded string quartet and interactive media, together with a movement-sensitive light installation by Raz Isac, creates a piece of sonic architecture! The performer stands in the centre of the space and invites the audience to enter into the piece of music, to wander and move around!

Do you want to be introduced to chamber music through the prism of experimental pop, but you wouldn’t visit a classical concert? Then sure you must come and check out this piece!
Get a glimpse of it in this video:

Natalia Kharetskaya is working on a debut album production with MSM Studios, one of the leading studios worldwide fot immersive audio productions, based in Munich (DE).

Follow Natalia: @iamacosmicbride

COW shift Z
To spice up the end of your (work)week, Natalia invites COW shift Z to close this event with a set of electronical music!

COW Shift Z is a composer and performer. Her practice as a composer focuses on integrating different music genres in her artistic language. The electronic dance music gives her the common ground to express her inner worlds and tell the stories with a free and experimental mindset. She recently met Cassandra (her alter-ego) in the middle of a compositional journey and immediately decided to join forces to create together. Cassandra lives in the smallest micro-state in the World with only 18 square meters – Biljimeiri. We can listen to their collaboration in COW Shift Z’s EP “Funeral for the Selves”, “Biljimeiri Anthem” for the utopa organ and electronics and recent live-sets.

The combination of different electronic dance music genres is vital for this project because they believe that combining different genres with their own sound elements can lead them to interesting abstractions and happy coincidences along the process that culminates in a unique music/performance with its own dynamic and intriguing aspects, especially when allied to instruments such voice/words. They are excited to bring the concept of emotional modulations in a live performance by breaking expectations and guiding the audience on a unique journey to what it feels like to live with the culture of Biljimeiri.


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