Central Disko #4 X PRIDE

Free entrance
Club - Sun 4 June 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 19:00
End → 01:00

Central Disko X Pride

On Sunday the 4th of June Central Disko is back with a Pride edition!

For this special occasion we invited the lovely Maxime Duvall. Well known for the ‘Disco Total ‘ parties in Amsterdam and her releases from the Bordello a Parigi label. Both concepts are also big examples for Central Disko and we are looking very forward to hosting her performance.

Special Rainbow Sushi will be on the menu that day and a special cocktail bar with drinks in all colours of the (inclusive) rainbow flag.

Besides the nice music and menu there will also be performances and dance acts including the ‘Gay agenda Propaganda‘ performance, mocking mostly far right and conservative ways of thinking about LGTBQIA+ community and especially (POC) trans people.

Especially for this Pride edition, we have to realise the foundations where this party is based on. Namely a celebration of Queerness, which oftentimes has been oppressed. There have been some victories in acceptance and lawmaking, but this last decade shows this can change overnight by false information and wrong thoughts.

It is important to know where the Pride movement comes from, let’s continue to move it forward and celebrate this night at Worm with all our colours!

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  • Maxime Duvall

  • Princess-K

  • Virgil

  • Devon

  • Brandon

Maxime Duvall

Maxime Duvall (she/her) is and multidisciplinary artist and DJ. Well known for her Disco Total parties, that is an house hold name for the Italo & High Energy Disco lovers. A month ago she released her 3rd record "Creatures of the Night" on the new Disco Tophit records label. 
Duvall is a DJ that brings her wide taste in Flamboyant, Underground, Campy, Italotophits and heated High Energy Disco enthusiastically to her audience!
more info about Maxime

**Princess-K **
Princess-K has been surrounded by music for quite some time and decided to start playing a few years ago back. As an integral part of the WORM family, he hosts the "Central Disko" event series and radio show. He is a close collaborator of FEM and holds a residency at the HDE (His Dark Elements) collective.
He plays a mixture of a lot of genres, but mostly on the electronic spectrum. From dark and wave to more uplifting electro and breakbeats and italo-disco. He As long as it has a good flow and a nice baseline. Dancing is an unavoidable consequence! "
IG of Princess – K

He is actually playing this time! And doesn’t have an actual bio/text, but likes to play for the fun of it. Is not very interested in making it all official, but will play some funky stuff for sure and has a really nice picture we can use!
IG of Virgil

**Devon **
After not being able to be there due to hurt ribs, he will actually be here this time!
Before starting to play as a DJ he was and is very active in several bands and other music projects. Knows a lot about music in a lot of genres, but his sets are mostly funk & disco especially for this show, coming with a nice collection of records!
IG of Devon

Brandon is a starting dj who developed a love for the craft during the beginning of covid. With enthusiasm for all electronics sounds and noises, he layers different sub-genres of techno, wave, synth and acid to create an exciting atmosphere with plenty highs and lows. (and he really loves cats 😻)
IG of Brandon