AV Hub presents: Live Cinema Editing

Something that will never be the same twice, something human.
FIlm - Wed 24 May 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 17:00
End → 18:45

AV Hub is a students led effort representing the audiovisual design department of Willem de Kooning Academy. They connect students, alumni and companies across the greater film industry in Rotterdam by organizing public events, promoting student’s work and aggregating opportunities for film enthusiasts.

AV Hub presents a live edited cinema presentation, aiming to evoke a sense of humanity that is missed in the clinical process of digital film presentation. The event will consist of three films that will be “performed” live, choosing and combining images in real-time. We might see a similar concept from creating visuals for music performances. We take this technique and place it in a narrative context, “performing” a story in a cinematic language.

Live editing forces the usually hidden editing proces to become more transparent.

The idea stems from an interest in a more human-oriented way of interacting with digital media. The goal is to create experiences that are more authentic, and based on interacting with media formats. By incorporating live elements, human touch, and a sense of playfulness, these approaches seek to bridge the gap between digital and analog and create new forms of artistic expression that are both innovative and accessible.

We hope to create an emotional interaction between the audience and the filmmaker. We hope it will empower the audience.

Films showing

De kronieken van Megaloman: Eine Übersprungshandlung (live version)
by Simon J. Coops
A new experience by Harry K. Pot
by Harry K. Pot
Greeting From the Depths
by Sijia Yu