WdK Animation Shorts: Frame Of Reference

FIlm - Wed 5 April 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 16:30
End → 18:30

Frame Of Reference

Frame Of Reference is a yearly event showcasing 5 brand new short films from animation students of the Willem De Kooning Academy. This event aims to jumpstart the student’s journey in the industry and show a wide-ranging audience what animation has to offer in all its facets.

Each student will bring us a short film by an established international animator that inspired their practices, allowing the Q&A with the audience to move from technique to artistic vision, progression and any other topic we’ll find ourselves in.

So, have you ever wanted to know what is required to make an animated short? Then join us at WORM to witness the premiere of these five student shorts, talk with the filmmakers, and watch the short films that inspired them, including works made by industry names such as Arthur Chaumay, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Studio Art&Graft, and more!

The event will be hosted by Riccardo Canciello and Robert-Jonathan Koeyers and will be held in English.

Opa Klaas

Opa Klaas is a slice of a farmer life from child to adulthood going through nostalgic memories of a time leading up to World War 2. Made by Michelle Kloens, Maaike Acda and Ruben Hessels.

Pull the plug

In Pull the plug a lonely nursing home resident believes himself to be in a conspiracy and is ready to go to great lenghts to make sure his identity remains hidden. Made by Carlotta Steckner and Adèle Fisch.

Concrete landscapes

Concrete landscapes by Iris Bos shows a girl lost in a world that was or could be, through the urban enviroment she can see beautiful landscapes reveal themselves.

The Flying Towel Bunch

In The Flying Towel Bunch by Bonne Steinz an undecicive person tries to decide what to wear while being influenced by dominant flying towels.


Seedlings is a stop motion set by Noémie Le Coq where a 30 year old woman finds solace within her indoor garden, yet the plants she grows are quite peculiar.