A Night with SADO OPERA

Queer. Across & Beyond
Art & expo - Thu 21 October 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:30
End → 22:00

Our beautiful friends are back in Rotterdam for another unforgettable night. Join us for a Night with SADO OPERA on Thursday 21 October!


18.30 – “Queer. Across & Beyond” & "The Chosen Family" Expo Opening in the Pirate Bay Space.

On the 21st of October (18.30-22:00), Sado Opera & WORM Pirate Bay present, an evening-long programme on Queer Across & Beyond Borders. This event will begin with an exhibition curated by Sadoopera’s Katya Kov highlighting the works of groundbreaking queer Russian artists: Lolja Nordic, Sasha Kazentseva, Viktor Vilisov, Ivan Vydumvlev.

The show also features the works of Rotterdam based photographers Ali Lucchinelli, Anouk ag, and Jasmijn van der Linden and their project “The Chosen Family”. The opening will be followed by a conversation between Katya Kov and Ali Lucchineli and close with a bang aka a live show by non-other than Sado Opera.

19.00 – 20.00 – SADO OPERA Radio in conversation with Ali Lucchinelli (A Chosen Family Business Expo)

20.30 – SADO OPERA live (duo) show in the Foyer

This will be a night to remember… and the best part, it’s free!