A Guide to Loving Me- zine workshop

Workshop - Sat 26 February 2022
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 14:00
End → 16:00

This will be a workshop where we focus on love languages and then use zines to each create ‘A guide to loving me’. You can then hand these out to friends or lovers accordingly as maybe a fun way to skip the awkwardness and get straight to the good part? Jokes aside this is a good space to really understand and discuss what you like and don’t like and what makes you feel loved or not, regardless of what is considered the norm.

About the facilitator:

Chetana Pai aka CHA4OS aims to provide and foster creative safe spaces for community, learning, and reflection through making. We started out by trying to make sense of the chaos all around us, on an A4 sheet of paper (through zines!) but now we experiment with even more mediums and formats. The main thing to remember is that in our spaces there are no right answers or wrong answers, just your answers.