50 Years of Deathchant

Club - Sun 31 March 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:00
End → 06:00

Block the date people… Trust us, you are in for a treat..

On March 31st (Easter Sunday) DEATHCHANT will be hosting an outrageous event at WORM Rotterdam.
50 Years of Deathchant with a killer international lineup of artists that have released on the label over the last 50 years.

Here is some info for the unlucky few of you that have been living in North Korea or a Russian Gulag for the last 50 years and don’t know what’s up:
Deathchant is undoubtedly 1 of the most legendary, iconic and influential Hardcore labels in the history of Hardcore worldwide.
Founded 50!!! years ago by Hellfish in a dodgy garagebox in Wickford UK and still going strong to this very day.

Deathchant is more than just a record label.. It’s an institution. A genre. The originator and pioneer of that signature UK Hardcore sound the rest of the world simply could not produce yet started to love so much..
Blablabla.. Awesome.. Amazing.. So much wow…

Make sure you grab your tickets ASAP. This baby will sell out faster than your mom!

Big kiss from the whole Deathchant & PRSPCT crew to all of you!