WORM 25: Four Special Radio WORM Series to enjoy!

In 2024, WORM turns twenty-five! The official celebrations will take place in September, but before then, we’re warming up by looking back, and looking ahead. In each of 4 different series–each with 25 episodes, each 25 minutes long–Radio WORM will be diving into the archives of WORM’s autonomous zones, speaking with ambassadors of the Open City and reflecting on what it means to the Avantgardistic State Broadcaster.

Fun, perceptive, misunderstood, welcoming, annoying, inspiring, and still adding the sand into Rotterdam’s vaseline, WORM continues to be a champion and haven for forward-thinking, plurality, and collective practice.

Series 1 – WORM 25: A History of WORM in 25 Objects w/ Ash Kilmartin + Mariëtte Groot

It’s the nature of DIY and cultural spaces that people come and go. The name on the building stays the same but the sense of identity shifts. WORM is a place of reinvention and with constant motion, certain stories and memories fade away. This history of WORM – not the only possible history of course – captures a few of those stories. Ash Kilmartin and Mariette Groot put together an audio-scrapbook of the physical materials around WORM, that help to tell the story of what this place is.

Series 2 – WORM 25: Live from the Archive w/ Vincent Denieul

Often seen behind the mixing desk during live gigs at WORM, our resident audio-magician Vincent rifles through his harddrives to find a few favourite recordings from concerts he’s recorded here over the years. Here, mastered and condensed into 25-minute selections that prove the breadth, depth and joy of live music in WORM.

Series 3 – WORM 25: Pirate Bay w/ Ari + Riccardo

The Pirate Bay’s indefatigable guides, Ari and Riccardo, choose highlights from the haven that is the Pirate Bay. Expect a tour through cult film soundtracks, unlabeled cassette collections, and catch-ups with projects that the Pirate Bay has hosted over the years.

Series 4 – WORM 25: The Sound Studio Files w/ Lukas Simonis

Dr Klangendum himself shakes out the carpets of the WORM Sound Studios, sorts though the filing cabinets of patch cables and dusts off a few midi keyboards to bring you a selection of audio art produced by residents of the famous grey room.

Episodes from each of these series will be broadcast weekly on Radio WORM from June until September, posted on our Mixcloud and hosted on our podcast platform. 

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