witte vlag met watermerk // white flag with watermark

As of today (22.12.2023) more than 100 white flags dance on the roofs of art institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands. Together they form an iconic, cross-border art installation. But above all they form a strong image of hope.


The white flag as a sign of peace is covered with a light grey watermark. This flag does not choose a camp nor indicates where the pain point lies, namely that peace is not freely available. Just as watermarked stock images are not freely available, the watermark here is a metaphor for the toll of peace.

From Ostend to Charleroi, from Maastricht to Amsterdam, 52 art institutions hoist white flags for peace: AB, Be-Part, BK6 / DURF2030, Blikfabriek, Bonnefanten, Bozar, BPS22, C-Mine, De Grote Post, De Roma, De Singel, De Studio, De Warande, Dordrechts Museum, Espace Censuré Protégé, Felix Art en Eco Museum, GLUON, Grand Curtius, KMSKA, Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika, Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg Brugge, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kunstenlab, Kunsthal Gent, Kursaal, La Boverie, LABIOMISTA, MErode, M HKA, MIMA, M Leuven, Moco Museum, Mudel, MU.Zee, Museum Dr. Guislain, Museum Helmond, Niffo Gallery / Recycle Studio, Noordbrabants Museum, Opera Ballet Antwerpen, Opera Ballet Gent, P/////AKT, PAK, S.M.A.K., STUK, Toneelhuis, Verbeke Foundation, Verzetsmuseum, VIERNULVIER, Warp, WIELS, WORM, Z33

This project is initiated by Belgian-Dutch art collective Schscht as a hopeful message of peace. Collective Schscht is Koosje Schmeddes and Dirk Schellekens. With the kind support of flag manufacturer Wollux.