INTERVIEW: Bodies in Resistance

INTERVIEW: director Thais Di Marco in Conversation with Anahi Saravia Herrera for Performing borders. 

Thais & Anahi talk about activism in the arts, sloganism, racialised art market and exclusionary selection processes, community-based work and the connection between art practices and social movements. 

These Thais quotes give you a little sneak peek of the interview! 

I work in the Netherlands at the moment and here the system works pretty much as if the public resources and theatre houses were talent agencies.” 

For a couple of years now I’ve been trying to integrate the idea that the performance as a product is not enough to embrace all the debates.” 

“(…) I understand that when you have broken identities or hidden identities, like white supremacy, that’s a hidden identity, or you come from legacies of denial […], then it’s harder to understand the journey of your life as something that is not only about you.” 


Bodies in Resistance | Encuerpando Resistencia is a series of interviews and research focusing on the body as a site of resistance in feminist and performance practices. 

The series enters a dialogue with artists, activists, and those sitting in spaces of embodied practice, referencing the legacy of feminist Latin American movements and their work choreographing resistance. This evolving conversation as-research aims to connect practices across the Abya Yala diaspora, linking performance/political practices as well as body/minds across borders. It is convened by Anahi Saravia Herrera from Performing Borders.