The Goldfish Bleeding – Modes of production (16 March – 16 April)

From 16th of March until 16th of April, The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks – Wrestling Club will be starting the production in the house of WORM! 
Follow the director Thais Di Marco and the project @thegoldfishbleeding  

In the Goldfish words:
I’m The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks, I’ve been bleeding it’s been a while but I still survive. Maybe some parts of my body have already disintegrated but I finally found the most successful and ambitious business model in the world! To do that I read all the motivational quotes in instagr4am profiles and best sellers on how to make a profitable art project for 10 years in a row and I slept 3 hours per night… and it’s possible, I want you to believe that you are special! I got all the funds and had great coffee with all the curators and now I became extremely famous on the internet. I got rid of all my fears and insecurities, and all feelings in general and I had a revelation of a pyramidal business model coming down from the sky, opening the door for me to enter. Inside of it I saw a shell with a pearl in it, it said: “ Just do it.”

Welcome to the NEOLIBERAL ERA where you can fight to WIN!

The project is sponsored by AFKFONDS21 and Het Maker Kapitaal is a co-production with WORM for a series of artistic actions including performance piece, talent show, panels, NFT art, research trip, short movie and parties.

The project is inspired by Lucha Libre, a Latin American form of wrestling and entertainment to work on questions around art-making in Neoliberal times. What is the influence of social media, alt-right movements and radical forms of gore capitalism in the life of artists and cultural workers? How do that influence potential social roles of art-making and the organization of its resources? What happened to political discourses in the post-truth era? How is this ultimate form of radical capitalism influencing the type of art we make? Under what interests? 

Through techniques of improvisation in theatre, dance and humour we are going to navigate slogans, social debates and other pressures that suffocate artists and prevent organizations from experimenting with what art could become as a futuristic technology in the struggle for the permanence of various people(s) and The Earth in opposition to cultural homogenization and extinction. 

This is a Brazilian artist living in The Netherlands for 6 years and is specialized in social projects of art democratization as a choreographer and teacher. In their personal work, they present provocative, sensual, engaged and humorous art.