News: Danaë Daal New Head of Operations at WORM February 2021

WORM is delighted to welcome Danaë Daal to WORM. Danaë is our new Head of Operations. We asked her to write an open letter of introduction. Welcome on board, Danaë!

“My name is Danaë Daal and I am the Head of Operations at WORM. My responsibilities include the HR management and managing all finance and accounting operations.

Personally, I know I can bring to WORM my organizational skills, strong sense of community and keen ability to connect and lead. I see WORM as a great platform where people from diverse backgrounds come together. I am from the Caribbean island of Curaçao and have travelled and worked in several countries and within different environments. I therefore look forward to working in WORM, that has all of that in one place. For me WORM represents not only a creative environment but also a link to the wider community.

As WORM became part of the BIS infrastructure (landelijke culturele basisinfrastructuur) I think this is a great opportunity to showcase the power of grassroots and local institutions who provide a platform that is inclusive and diverse. Therefore, I think WORM is a beacon of light for our Dutch and European cultural landscape. I hope that my contribution to WORM will make this beacon of light shine brighter.”