Feature: The Love Imams 2017

The Love Imams is an art, design and performance collective by theatre maker Kolijn Jagersma and visual artist and designer Pleun Gremmen. Their ambition is to combine their practices of performance, new media and graphic design to create immersive installation performances where the spectator becomes a participant. They are part of WORM’s Avantgardistic State.

The collective was born in December of 2016 when they were asked by WORM to create an  installation for WORM’s new year’s eve party, The New State.

“The Avantgarde State is a physical and mental state of love, progress, and boundlessness. It is the answer to egocentric extremism.”  Under the name The Love Imams they build an installation right on the dance floor of WORM’s Central Station, where visitors would participate in a ritual that transitioned them from one state into the New State; leaving behind the confusion and hate of 2016. 

Adopting the name The Love Imams they are continuing to research ways to create and share new narratives about current affairs and interests. Their latest project ‘REST’ (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) premiered at Museumnacht 2017 in WORM’s The Black Hole. REST is a multidisciplinary installation and performance in which universal tendencies of escapism find expressions in commodified REST.