News: 18-11-2020 WORM CARE PACKAGE is BACK!

WORM Pirate Bay Winter Care packages are back!
We’re spreading some WORM love all throughout the Netherlands this December! This little package will arrive at your house by post, all FREE OF CHARGE. It’s the perfect time to explore what the Pirate Bay can do for you. You can choose between the following packages. They have been hand-picked with love and consideration for different types of WORMies.

#1. CLUB KID Care Package
If you like extravaganza, delightful club scene, underground rave, old school electronic music, and feel sad about being stuck at home with no good partying, then The Club Kid package was made specifically for you.

#2. INTROSPECTIVE Care Package
If you prefer to rest and cosiness, thought-provoking meditative movies, or dreamy soft stuff, we have an Introspective package for introverted and observing WORMies.

#3. ARTISTIC CHAOS Care Package
And what if you like diversity? A creative blend, absurdism, experimentalism? The Artistic Chaos package is ready to travel to your door.

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