News: 8-4-2020 Petition: Support non-EU freelancers in NL

WORM supports this announcement! From one of our creative allies. We hope you can help this worthwhile cause.

“I would like to share with you a petition to support non-EU artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers like me that are in risk of losing our residence permits if we apply to the emergency support from the government.

During the last weeks a lot of films, literature and artworks have become available online for free. Those works appear on our multiple screens to nourish our spirits, to calm down anxieties for the collective paranoia, to bring joy, to question decadent structures, to bring new ideas of collectivity, to make us laugh and to maintain hope. So now, maybe more than ever we can see how  important it is the diverse work of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and creatives without discrimination of nationalities.
Please sign the petition and share it:

Sign to support non-EU freelancers, artists, filmmakers in the Netherlands obtain equal access to corona support (“TOZO”) without jeopardising their visa & residency status.”