Interview: Khalil Ryahi

We asked our new Creative Producer for WORM’s Night Programme, Khalil Ryahi (aka Infinite Pleasure) a few questions about himself and what drives him in his work. Now read on…

WORM: What is your mission at WORM?

KR: My mission at WORM is to make a vibrant, diverse, exciting and surprising night/club programme available and easily accessible to all the humans of Rotterdam, and the rest of the world. What WORM has done perfectly in the past is to provide a very broad programme that’s off-the-beaten track. And this fact still makes it the best venue to experiment and try stuff out. It’s my aim to provide promising (local) organisations the opportunity to try out their craziest ideas. And of course there will be plenty of programming curated by myself and my colleagues at WORM.

WORM: What do you want to bring here in terms of style and approach?

KR: In terms of style I would like to see all music genres well represented in the programme while maintaining quality and artistry. We could do with a bit more disco vibes and some more electro in my opinion, but I don’t see any boundaries, everything goes! And you will see me on the dance floor regularly!

I will be approaching interesting acts and organisations pro-actively. As well as guiding less experienced organisations. I have a hands on approach as a programmer because I know from my own experience that just that little bit of extra attention can greatly impact the vibe of the event and thus the visitors experience.

WORM: How do you see WORM’s dance floor as a space?

KR: The different people who gather on the dance floor are connected by something that draws them to this particular place. I believe that a collective consciousness is created in this moment. So the next time your dancing at WORM, close your eyes and connect to your fellow dancer…

WORM: And what do you think of WORM as a club in Rotterdam’s nightlife scene?

KR: WORM’s rebellious character has afforded it a unique position in Rotterdam’s nightlife. There is NO other organisation in the city (or the rest of the country) with such a huge, diverse and sometimes very experimental programming. It’s THE place to try new and strange stuff, and would like to invite everyone with crazy, innovative or groundbreaking club concepts, or ideas to pitch them and perhaps realise them at WORM.