News: 8-2-2017 Avantgardistic State TV Launch – Episode #1

We just released our first episode of WORM AS TV. Watch the episode and get an inside look in our Avantgardistic State!

WORM Rotterdam has officially proclaimed its own Avantgardistic State. The Avantgardistic State is a physical and mental state of love, progress and boundlessness. It is the answer to egocentric extremism. WORM recruits and trains enthusiasts; vulnerable, sensitive people who are intrinsically motivated to radical affectionism. Art is our sword! Read our Avantgardistic State Manifest, for now in Dutch only, by clicking the link.

WORM Avantgardistic State Television (WORM AS TV) will present an inside look at everything that is going on within the Avantgardistic State. Also be sure to watch all our episodes of WORM AS TV.