Lookback: The Klangendum Report #1 2017

Dr Klangendum has been very active these last few months!  We have created and presented a series of radio plays and radio works in close cooperation with WORM. These series give an impression of the kind of artists that frequent our humble studios; from Reinier van Houdt’s Igitur Flotsam (voice by Current 93’s David Tibet), the Japanese poet Yoshimasu Gozo, the Weird Electronics mogul from Melbourne, Robin Fox, The Peruan Underground Svengali Wilder Gonzales Agreda to Worm’s Ether Sniffing and a failed attempt at making a Beckett radio play.

These were in the main co-operations between WORM, Dr Klangendum, the Poetry International festival, De Nieuwe Vide, Aloardi festival and MESS, Melbourne.

All the radio broadcasts are still online, so click on the links and have a listen!

Dr Klangendum 212
Ether Snuiven is een live- magazine dat performances en presentaties brengt van kunstenaars die de ether als hun discipline, hun canvas gebruiken. Deze keer; (in t kort) een live-Hoorspel/performance door Toon Fibbe, radiofonieke performance door Sjoerd Leijten en Olle Kruijt en een concert/field recording project door Chris Galarreta.

Dr Klangendum 211
Second part of the Gozo radio pieces: Japan, 1939.
Gozo Yoshimasu is a poet and visual artist. He began in 1964 and has since produced poems that explore the boundaries of poetry, language and written text. Repetitions, references, talking in many voices, interruptions, subscripts, blank lines and marginal notes disrupt the narrative nature of his poems, but, at the same time, highlight the effect and visual representation of (the Japanese) language. Dr Klangendum cooperated with him for the Poetry International festival. Special guest was Oscar Jan Hoogland.

Dr Klangendum 210
We asked Wilder Gonzales Agreda to make a radio show for us in the WORM/Klangendum studio about contemporary Peruvian avant-garde music and his role in that scene. And he made this great show for us. Wilder was in Rotterdam because he took part in the Aloardi festival.

Dr Klangendum 209
An interview (with interruptions) with Robin Fox, Australian musician and organiser, one of the founders of MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio), a space that has one of the greatest collections of electronic instruments open for the “general public”. We were interested in his story as the WORM/Klangendum studio has a (not so large but still interesting) collection too…

Dr Klangendum 208
First part of the Gozo radio pieces, this version was recorded in the WORM/Klangendum studio, the second version was played live at the Poetry Festival.

Dr Klangendum 207
The Nieuwe Vide Artspace (in Haarlem) initiated a project about Samuel Beckett’s radio play All That Fall and invited Natasha Taylor and Lukas Simonis (a.o.) to make a piece about this. The result was a (part) sound installation in their exhibition space and the radio play that Dr Klangendum broadcasts on this show; entitled:  Failing At All That Fall.

Dr Klangendum 206
Een aflevering geheel gevuld met het werk van Reinier van Houdt. In opdracht van Worm/Klangendum maakte hij het radiowerk Igitur Flotsam met Current 93 voorman David Tibet als verteller. Het stuk werd door Dr. Klangendum voor het radia netwerk geproduceerd, en wordt aangevuld door een drietal andere composities van Van Houdt.