Lookback: Avantgardistic Spotify Playlists 2017-18

WORM asked members of the Avantgardistic State to select some of their favourite songs, 2017-18. The resulting Spotify playlists are shown below. Contributors vary from WORM staff members to visitors to event organisers.

Chris Stoop was Head of Operations at WORM until 2020. This playlist is a manifestation of his personality. Expect heavy glitches, hip hop influences and just all round crazy shit.

Capone45! is Peter van der Stelt and JD la Rue. They regularly organized ska, early reggae, rocksteady parties at WORM pre Corona-hell. Enjoy this funky playlist!

Larissa Monteiro was Graphic Designer at WORM, now designing for the rich and famous. This playlist delves into her darkened mind that often deals with existential questions. Also, Llamas!!

Noodlebar head honcho Dennis Verschoor runs the Waveform Research Centre in WORM Sound Studios and regularly organises parties in the #Wunderbar. This playlist brings you some synthalicious lovin’.

Richard James Foster, somehow Head of WORM’s PR & Communications. Richard has travelled far and wide in Europa. His Krautrocker playlist takes you back to then and now.

A playlist by Timo Croes, once WORM Pirate Bay intern, now leading genius noise punks, Pig Frenzy. Dirty punk songs. Enjoy!

Apollonia Duijster  – WORM’s freelance photographer, listens to this list to get her back to “the chill vibes”.

A farewell playlist by Gari Koolen – the Head of Communications at WORM 2016-18. Expect a journey through what he thinks is acceptable electronic music. Lots of bleeps and click-clack. Also, Gari likes cats.