Soundpiece was conceived as a sound installation to be heard at limited volume in the public space of the Schouwburg Square in Rotterdam, a space covering an area of 30 by 30 metres through 32 speakers. The A-sides of these WORM records were recorded for the sound installation under the the Schouwburg Square itself.

Daisy Bell a Dutch avant-garde pop band featuring Dyane Donck, Eveline van den Broek and Richard van Kruysdijk. The live show involves a collection of electronic and acoustic instruments, harmony vocals, lots of live sampling and sound processing plus a video projection, illustrating each song with minimal, yet evocative imagery. All songs are based on poetry by William Blake. His texts provide the vocal spine of the compositions. These range from experimental musique concrete to pop “with a twist” with a strong intensity, dark atmosphere and raw beats.

Label: WORM.records / Wormrec 4277 https://underbelly.nu/product/daisy-bell-soundpiece-proverbs-of-hell/