Zine Camp 2019 Open call!

Wed 25 Sep '19

A home favourite is coming up in November!
Open Calls for Zine Camp 2019 💕

After a short slumber, we are super happy to announce that Zine Camp is back at WORM UBIK Rotterdam on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2019! The heart of Zine Camp is to make zines and friends, a free festival that gives space to the making of zines as much as to social interaction and collaboration with (un)like-minded people. This is embodied by the open workspaces that include free basic zine-making materials and copy machines for everyone to use. The workshops, zine stalls, talks and events are its tentacles, intertwined and bound together, like the changing string figures in a game of cat’s cradle.

If you have an idea for a workshop, talk, or want to present and sell your zines, please feel free to send your idea over to: zinecampfestival@gmail.com. The deadline for proposals are the 1st of October. You will hear from us shortly after. See below for Open Call Submission Guidelines before sending your submission.


Please e-mail us a description of your submission in no more than 120 words. Attach one or two images related to the submission in low res jpg. Please state in the subject line of your email accordingly: “Workshop proposal” / “Stall proposal” / “Presentation Proposal” / “Installation Proposal”

You can propose an idea to host a workshop (related to zine-making, DIY culture, self-publishing, etc). The time frame of the workshops is around 2 hours each. We have tables that can host up to 10 participants. Let us know what materials you will need in the workshop. Workshop participants will directly subscribe to you via email. Please add your desired email address they can use to inscribe.

You are welcome to sell or present your zines, self-published books/media on a provided table (±1.80 x 0.8m). We don’t charge anything for the stalls and you keep 100% of your sales. Please let us know what day you would prefer (2nd or 3rd of November). The tables can easily fit two people, but please let us know if you need more space

You can propose a presentation of around 30 mins. It can be a talk, live interview, a performance, a forum, etc.

Other Ideas:
Do you have an idea of something that doesn’t quite fit into the three options above, for example installation, performance, audio tours, etc? Let us know what your idea is!