Times New Dutchman #2

Thoughts on Language
Wed 13 Mar '19

In a recent conversation with a colleague here at WORM, I was asked what I want to do with my life. Honestly, I responded that I didn’t know. But that is partly my reason for being here. Back in England I study graphic design in London, and although the course is wonderful, the thought of actually working in that field after graduating is not one that I am fond of; relying on client work, having to take on potentially uninteresting jobs to pay the bills. Whilst at university I have discovered that design (in the strictest sense) does not seem to be where my skills lie, and the joy it brings me is minimal. This would suggest that really, it is not for me. Does this worry me? Not in the slightest. Better to realise this in my second year of studying, rather than in my first year of working. As such, I am here in Rotterdam, doing work that relates to design, but that is not design. Purposefully seeking internships in other areas of interest is now paying dividends.

Breaking free of the traditional constraints of the graphic design studio has allowed me to find new contexts for my work, which previously remained unexplored. Surprisingly my interest in writing has piqued; a discipline that I used to think of more as a chore than a leisure activity. Working with text editors and writers, the importance of language is brought to the fore, when it is often hard to grasp in your native country. Of course I have always recognised the value of learning a second language, but it is only since moving away from England that the significance of fully understanding my first language has begun to sink in. As english continues to be taught as a second language all around the globe, the percentage of complete speakers (ones who are well versed in the grammatical ins and outs of the language itself) grows less and less. Moving to Holland has forced me to confront this reality, along with my own language, realising in the process that there is still so much to learn. That self realisation is only the first step, the next is to act on it.

It may seem obvious but just by writing more regularly I have become more engaged in the language itself. Moments appear in the text that need solving, and it is down to me to fix them, acquiring knowledge in the process. My only concern is that I am writing for the sake of writing. Hopefully this blog will provide a purpose. That being said, the subject of matter of this blog is still up in the air, as my thoughts and ideas shift from one week to the next. Perhaps this is not such a bad thing. It is a platform for writing, which is something I have not had before. As previously mentioned, I am here to explore these opportunities.

Times New Dutchman is written by PR Intern Eddie Smith, with new instalments published at irregular intervals over the coming months.

Times New Dutchman is written by PR Intern Eddie Smith, with new instalments published at irregular intervals over the coming months.