Wed 29 Nov '17

The Avantgardistic State promotes workable cultural alternatives to the current socio-cultural narrative. This is why we are delighted to host the second part of the latest edition of Spider, Spit and Broken Bells – Haperende Mens Festival 2017/18! Part 1 was at: OCCII, Amsterdam; on the 8-9 December 2017.

PART 2: WORM/V2_ Rotterdam; January 12, 13 and 14, 2018


Programme: WORM/V2_

Please note! Doors are open for both festival days at 18:00 for the non-musical events. Festival tickets are on sale in the building from 19:00. 

Friday 12 January
Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie (ID/FR) (curated by Pantropical) / Oiseaux-Tempête (FR) / Bear Bones, Lay Low (BE/VE) / Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk, UK) / Pharoah Chromium (DE/Pal) / David Edren/ DSR lines (BE)

Saturday 13 January + Sunday 14 January
JK Flesh (UK) / Skullflower (UK) / Pan Daijing (CN) / Nocturnal Emissions (UK) / Lumisokea (BE/IT) / Tomaga (UK) performing a soundtrack to ‘Lucifer Rising’ by Kenneth Anger / The Ghost of Bryn Jones – Muslimgauze DJ Project / Danny Devos (Club Moral, BE, Masterclass)
Film-Programme / Elusive Art Programme / (More to be announced)

Passes and Support
Please keep hold of your 4-day festival pass, giving access to both  OCCII and WORM. A combi ticket for both days at WORM can be bought for 25 euros! AND a  4-day festival GOLD pass – at 100 euro. Type ‘support’ in the white box.

Regular Day tickets can now be bought for WORM (15 euro)!

This edition will explore the idea of the sacred in the context of an overly regulated society. The present time in which political polarisation, alienation and thrill-seeking diverts us from inner experience and meaning. Where are those deep, intense moments that transcend our increasingly regulated daily lives? Through a music and arts programme we present transgression, experiment and ritual as forms of sustainability; against the backdrop of today’s ever-increasing social disembodiment.

Not your usual cup of herbal tea maybe. Rather a mixture of spiders, spit and broken bells.