The Performance Bar

The Performance Bar blurs the boundaries between theatre, bar, stage, artist & audience
#UBIK / #Transformation / #Happenings

Want something different from your trip to inner city Rotterdam? Bored of eating bijou-consumer foodstuffs and pissed off with walking past pop-ups you never go into? Feel like you’re in a human crocodile that just offers a never ending walk past shiny new buildings?

Come and experience the rising creative wave at the top end of the Boomgaardsstraat. There’s a secret world of fun, creation and avant-garde activities for you to discover.

Welcome to the Performance Bar!

This transformable stage/bar blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience. The Performance Bar presents all kinds of acts that span across every category of art and entertainment.

Meet an android who wants to feed you “the awkward fuel of the universe”. Experience Rotterdam’s Gabber legacy like you were part of it back in the day. Gasp at a golden-painted, bubble-blowing lady. Oh, and don’t forget to order that inviting-looking Drag Queen Anger Piss special drink at the bar. The Performance Bar operates like a good massage. The process can sometimes hurt, especially where you feel a bit stiff, but you will always walk out with a more flexible mind and body.

The Performance Bar is an internationally acclaimed travelling performance concept that moonlights as a bar. We get around. We’ve been invited to represent Rotterdam in Torino, Hull, Leeuwarden and Berlin. How lucky it is that you can visit us every week in Rotterdam.

Read about the Performance Bar in LKCA magazine.

Opening times:
Fri – Due to corona regulations, times may change. Please check our events in WORM’s Agenda listing
Sat – Due to corona regulations, times may change. Please check our events in WORM’s Agenda listing
Entrance – See event listing
Pin Only at the bar!
Route: Boomgaardsstraat 69


The Performance Bar is a Transformable performance object that incorporates a bar, a musical organ, a bath and a stage. The Performance Bar is an initiative set up by Daan Draait and Studio Borstlap.

Daniel van den Broeke is a multi-artist who is involved in a range of fields such as theatre, performance and film. He organises art happenings such as the annual Winterwolven festival with art gallery Roodkapje, and as a programmer at the Rotterdam venue, BAR.

Florian Borstlap works as an autonomous artist and performer and also leads an existence as captain of an actual ship. Together they share a passion for outrageous performances. Previously, they collaborated as The Wild Dancers Union, which re-engaged people with their own, inner, wild dancer. With The Performance Bar they realise a longstanding dream to create an exciting place for performance art in Rotterdam.