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#Wunderbar Putin Poutine

Home Recipe by Chef Jesse van Epenhuijsen

Chef Jesse spills the beans on how to prepare amazing homemade Poutine known as #Wunderbar Putin on our MENU!
Enjoy this recipe and let us know how you like it! Our #Wunderbar opens on June 1st and we are thrilled to serve you again!

Animation by Rodrigo Cardoso

#Wunerbar Putin Pouten : 2/3 servings


-vegetabe broth around 1 liter

-1/4 onion, 1 stick carrot, 2 garlic

-tomatopaste 1 can

-parsley 1 bush

-soya sauce to taste

– 3/4 dried shiitake or woody mushrooms (Whats available)

-thickener 1 tablespoon

  1. Rehydrate the dried shiitake or woody mushrooms in the vegetable broth. This can either be fresh bouillon from a jar or dried powder mixed with water.
  1. Chop onion, garlic and carrot in small cubes. Fry everything off until golden brown and add your tomato paste and cook this off for 5 minutes.
  1. Once roasted put the onion/garlic/carrot/tomatopase mixture in a deep pan and start cooking it out together with a tablespoon of flower or arrowroot, it depends what you have lying around. Be careful with too much thickener, it can make the sauce very gloopy.
  1. Put in the rehydrated mushrooms together with the bouillon in the deep pan and stir to combine. Add in the parsley in whole. Stir occasionally until you notice the substance becoming thicker. When this happens, lower your flame and add soy sauce to taste. I am careful with soy sauce as the bouillon can be quite powerful, but always taste to season. Add some black pepper to give a subtle spicy note to the gravy.
  1. When everything is ready, blend with an immersion blender until a smooth consistency forms. Keep warm until serving.


400/500 grams of potatoes (depends on how big you want your portion)

225 grams of halloumi

  1. Get a nice waxy/starchy potato from the supermarket or a vegetable dealer. If you’re not sure what kind of potato you need, here is an article that’ll help you out:
  1. Cut your potatoes into long strips of 1x1cm. Take your time to cut, as the fries need to be properly sliced for even cooking time.
  1. Slice your halloumi into cubes of 1x1cm. You can get halloumi at the supermarket, there’s Always some water inside the package so make sure to drain the halloumi well before cutting
  1. Once cut, wash and rinse the fries. Dry them off well and heat your oil 150 degrees. Fry your batch of fries for 7/8 minutes until they almost fall apart. This will Ensure a fluffy interior and a crisy exterior.
  1. Once fried, drain the fries on a cooling rack or a clean kitchen towel. Wait for them to completely cool down. I sometimes even put them in the fridge to completely cool.
  1. After they’ve cooled down, turn your oil up to 180 degrees. Fry your batch until golden brown. Halfway through the cooking process, you need to add your cubed halloumi together with the fries until golden brown and crisp.
  1. Once fully fried, drain and season directly with a small amount of salt.


  1. Put the fries and halloumi in a serving tray. put a good amount of gravy over the fries and halloumi. Optionally you can garnish the dish with some thinly sliced spring onion or some homemade pickled red onions. Enjoy!

Message from Jesse:

 This cookie is on standby for the moment but can’t wait to cook again! Also graduating this year on my bachelor of Fine Arts, so a lot of exciting things are happening. If you want to follow what I’m doing find me on instagram: @jessev.e

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