Avantgardistic State

WPB presents Zine Club

WPB Zine Club is promoting the Pirate Bay archive! Come work with us on our monthly distributed WPB Zine or make your own Zine by photocopying all the cool and weird stuff we have in our archive. The Avantgardistic State is all about DIY! We seek out to make creative links and have fun while doing this. All the materials you need are provided by us; as well as an open, inclusive and respectful space for everyone.

The WORM Pirate Bay hosts an eclectic collection of avant-garde media; from zines and books to CDs and DVDs. Have a look at the Pirate Bay website to see whats in stock and drop by the desk during opening hours to pick up your selected gems. Or read more about WORM Pirate Bay.

View from the Barber’s Chair: Ivan Winter

Open City

Machinefabriek / Soundpiece / 15 /15


Interview with Francisco Irribarra

WORM International

WORM Inteviews Dmitri Zherbin