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WORM residency at Hull

WORM, Rotterdam’s Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation, is delighted to announce that it will represent Rotterdam at the Hull, City of Culture festival, 2017. The weekend residency will take place 23-25 June at Humber Street Galleries in the city centre. WORM’s artists, filmmakers, musicians, DJ’s and performers will host a series of workshops and events, showcasing the talent currently driving the progressive underground culture of Hull’s ‘sister city’. Expect alternative club events, multimedia installations, theatre and workshops; celebrating the unique atmosphere of Rotterdam’s avant-garde. The Avantgardistic State goes international!

Programmes and Performers

A full overview of the programme and performers can be found here.  Info on Hull City of Culture’s website is here.

WORM, Rotterdam:
Charlien Andriessens, Gerrit Jos van Beek, Florian Bortslap, Janpier Brands, Daniel van den Broeke, Marco Broeders, Shalita Dietrich, Richard Foster, Joris Frowein, Pleun Gremmen, Niek Hilkmann, Marije van Horik, Kolijn Jagersma, Michiel Klein, Gari Koolen, Mathijs van Oosterhoudt, Jeroen Rijnart, Hugo Simons, Piupiu-Maya Turei, Frédéric van de Velde, Marijn Verbiesen, Arie van Vliet, Louis van der Waal, Jacco Weener, Imke Zeinstra.

Production: Doortje Luca

Hull & UK:
The Animal Sister, Graham Beck, Nick Boldock, Counting to Zero, Dorian Cox, Glen Davidson, East Hull Amateur Boxing Club, GRACE GRACE GRACE, GROUND Collective, Elise Hadgraft, Sue Holston, JAMBO, Kenneth Jilles, MAMBO, David MacClean, Gareth Smith, William Vinegrad, Vulcan Boxing Club and Learning Centre, YOL. Other sources: Hull’s churches and the Maritime Museum.

Residency Timetables
This timetable WORM_Timetable_HSG is a general overview and does not include the artist details for the music programme (here shown as ‘Lewsberg Concert’) and The Performance Bar. Details for The Performance Bar (and when to “break bread” with The Pirate Bay can be found here: PerformanceBar_Timetable_PirateBay. A music timetable will be posted very soon.


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