WORM Horspil – K7-7

One of WORM's new batch of radio plays
RadioPlays #Horspil


Second in the 2016 batch of Horspil editions, produced in the WORM Klangendum studio. On the A-side ‘Capriccio’ (21:24 min) by Ergo Phizmiz, something he calls a ‘science-fiction-fantasia (isn’t that double fantasy?) on the perils of modern building schemes and the highs and lows of residential and commercial accommodation.’ Quite a lot of narration here, with the music as a secondary element, to my ears that is.


On the B-side a wonderful radio play by Stefano Giannotti, someone I came to know as an artist with a refined ear for subtle and small sounds, for the human voice, and toy instruments. AND a healthy dose of humour! ‘Impure Waves’ (32:29 min) is his contribution to this series, a wondrous and involving trip through music and speech, Steve Reichian voice-dubs, with no time for the listener to lose interest.

Label: WORM.records / K7-7
Tags: #RadioArt #Tapes

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