UBIK Speeds Relief to Head and Stomach! Art Rotterdam 2017


UBIK Speeds Relief to Head and Stomach: Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 February, 2017

WORM assembled a team of multidisciplinary artists-come-crazies to exhibit at Intersections, Art Rotterdam 2017, at the imposing Van Nelle complex. UBIK’s science fiction stage-space hosted a changing programme of performers, visual artists, writers and lost aliens that brought to life not only science, but fiction.

Installations by:
PhED FLIP, Vloris Fisser, Dennis de Bel, Richard Foster, Graeme Hopper, Joseph Hughes.

Ongoing performances and installations were:
PhED FLIP Hufterproof/Hufterlife, WORM’s Pirate Bay, Radio Voicemail.

Daily performances were:
Raoul Goudvis, Mondi-Michelle Ong Alok and Emma Panini, POLY OIKOS, (a customer journey for a complex family), Jacco Weener, Louis van der Waal, Tommy Ventevogel, Intersections Young Talent Award, Joachim Robbrecht, Jan Brokof, Ward Weemhoff and Mariana Senne dos Santos, Tropical Healing-Expanded Cannibalism, Sarah Moeremans.

UBIK. Utopian Base for Insane Kids.
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