Hull city of culture 2017

UBIK goes to Hull 2017 – Boxing with(out) Poets

#Hull City of Culture 2017 #Boxing

“Who would have thought that
When they came to the fight
That they would have witnessed
The launching of a human satellite!”

(Muhammad Ali)

The Ancient Greeks used the term ‘talent’ as a measurement for weight. No need to tell a boxer, they know all about the meaning of the term, especially the fighter in the ring! A good fight is as difficult as writing a poem or painting a masterwork, every step, every training, kick or knock, needs a well-trained mind, strong muscles and a soul that knows how to deal with pain, misfortune, chaos and all what embodies the unknown. The unsuspected moves of a fighter that, just like artists, can give form to what has never been told, or shown before.

We at WORM believe good boxers have the skills to be great artists.

In Hull, UBIK/WORM’s Avantgardistic State will create a live installation and show, every day, built up through workshops, bringing the seemingly incompatible forms of art and boxing together, discovering what shape the perfect match actually is. Are you a poet, a boxer or a painter-boxer, or a singing boxer or an opera-fighter or none of them? If not, you may well become one in less then 3 days. East Hull Amateur Boxing Club is in. What’ you waiting for?

High five in the face!

Louis & Charlien

WORM residency at Hull

WORM’s Avantgardistic State

Jacco Weener – Hull 2017

The Performance Bar – Hull 2017