Sonaural.02 v Corona: 12 March 2020

How to hold a show when it gets cancelled at the last minute? To misquote Dutch Ultra band Minny Pops, drastic measures call for drastic movement. Sonaural.02 was “built up” (as we say in the trade) and literally about to open its doors at WORM’s UBIK on March 12th, when the notice came through to cancel all gigs immediately.

What to do in such a situation? The artists stayed in the space, created an improvised private show and performed to each other.

Luckily the festival was documented by Robin Minas, (©MINÀS) who stepped in at the last minute to capture what was going on.  We’ve shared a few of Robin’s pictures here with you. They certainly convey the surreal, slightly spooky feel of the event itself.

The organiser, Jacques Kayser had this to say to everyone involved in a mail this week. We thought it would be nice to share his thoughts, and show you a show that happened in WORM, when no show was supposed to go on.

“I would like to express my thanks for the memorable evening that we has last Thursday. It was such an great day, seeing everyone building-up, getting along with each other, good vibes and anticipation for the evening [sic]. It was sure to become one evening of pure fire, with your all input and dedication.  Even though we had a set-back due to the cancellation, we made it somehow happen in a more improvised setting. […] I would like to express my admiration to all of your performances, what a show you put on! The artistic quality, diversity, creativity and devotion blew me and everyone else in the room completely away! Be proud of yourself! 

Also special thanks to the technicians Ziggy, Vincent and Sebastian who made everything in their means that the event could happen smoothly. 

I wish you all the best of health and stay safe.

Much love, Jacques.”

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