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OPEN CALL ALERT! Collectivity Project

7 May: Building the Collectivity project via ZOOM
10 May: Submission deadline
21 May: Opening The City (digital release of the project)

The Collectivity Project is about, how, in quarantine, we can explore a different kind of collective; one where we can come into contact in an online space. Collectivity has a common goal; to think and draw, write and sing about constructing buildings and environments, ones which we want to experience with others.

Together, we will build our own Open City. There is an open call for participants to submit their contributions in the form of buildings, stories & playlists etc. with the deadline being Friday 10th May.

Create your own building with material that you have at home (cardboard, wine bottles, decks of cards). And if you’re feeling extra creative, share with us what is happening in the building! Perhaps you do this with a short story. Or perhaps you share a playlist of songs that are played in the building. Maybe you would like to share a recipe that is being cooked. We want to know what is happening in your building.

Together we can explore this new Open City 🙂

Submission Guidelines:

Colour photos
Clear and sharp photos
White/pale blank background
Photos must be in JPEG format.
Submissions should be sent to

ZOOM building session 7 May: 19:30
Aside from this, we will have an online collective building day on Thursday 7th May, where participants can come together through Zoom ! Let’s have fun with music and company and be creative! At the end of the day, everyone can submit their contribution to the Open City platform. Below is the link to ZOOM. You don’t need to register just click the link!

The opening of the Open City is scheduled for the 21st May, with an event to launch and cut the proverbial ribbon to the new collective environment!

About the artist:
Lidija Poth is and architect and city planner. She runs her office and teaches at the Technical University of Delft.In 2013 Lidija found the Hottentot foundation with a mission to engage children & youngsters in the design of their urban environment. She has been organizing different workshops, events, seminars and lectures within o.a. Child in The City. Lidija is also a board member of NGO HvPA in Rotterdam that serves as a platform for dialog, place making and spatial development.

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