Hull 2017

Marco Broeders (Co2RO) at Hull 2017

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Based in Rotterdam Co2RO – aka Marco Broeders – is a well-known visual artist who creates specialist lighting events using light-emitting diodes and analogue machinery.

Broeders uses multi-layered 360º imagery with projectors and specially designed rotating discs and machinery. Projected images crawl along and into each other to create coalescent patterns and abstract story lines. The recognisable starting point of Co2RO’s inviting designs often warp into unexpected scenes and unrecognisable visual realms. Humour and alienation coupled with a fair (re)use of materials and designs are the main features in his work.

For the Humber Street Galleries residency,  expect a special, Hull-Rotterdam themed, “light show in residence”.  There will also be a continuous live interaction with the location and programme. “Tune in and drop out”.

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