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Harmen Meinsma Artist-in-Residence WORM October 2020

In October 2020 WORM hosted a residency by Rotterdam-based photographer, Harmen Meinsma. Harmen welcomed fashionistas, club kids, expressive characters and creatures of the night to join him and indulge in fabulousness.

There were a couple of closed events during which those not being snapped could join the fun online.

About Harmen Meinsma
For the first 20 years of his life, Harmen Meinsma lived with his grandmother in a small village in Friesland. During his teens, he felt like an outcast. His photography grew to be a positive space, where he could be wholly himself. What started as building small decors in his grandma’s attic – where he photographed himself and friends – grew into a wider determination to give the underdog a pedestal.

Harmen is inspired by the people he comes across in real life. He amplifies what intrigues him through his lens. “In my work, I direct the spotlight to outcasts and the birds of paradise in this world and I turn them into icons.”

Harmen Meinsma received his BA (Hons) degree from the Willem de Kooning academy in 2017. Harmen has worked on vibrant personal and commissioned projects ever since. His work was exhibited in New York during Photoville 2019 and has been featured in magazines such as &C, Vogue NL and i-D.

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During this month-long residency, the DARKROOM podcast collaborated with Harmen. Local guests who normally inhabit the “midnight-to-six” hours, have been invited to speak with the host Maryo and share their stories. DARKROOM is a podcast series centred around club kids, sex workers and colourful personalities of the city. It is an on-air space to share and take care of each other and spread virtual love!

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