Fuck You Friedrich !

“Woman has so much cause for shame; in woman there is so much pedantry, superficiality, schoolmasterliness, petty presumption, unbridledness, and indiscretion concealed” (Friedrich Nietzsche, from “Beyond Good and Evil”, 1886)

Friedrich Nietzsche is widely regarded as a brilliant philosopher. His book  “The Joyful Wisdom” and his thinking beyond good and evil have been a great inspiration for WORM, but what about all those hateful remarks about women? Was that brilliant thinking or just his personal frustration? On these nights we present some great performers, musicians, film makers and speakers doing their thing and raising their voice to joyfully shout FUCK YOU FRIEDRICH !

This event takes place every year on 8th of March (International Women’s Day).

Fri 11 Nov '16

GenderBendingQueerParty V : gENdeRcLOwnS

Fri 8 Jul '16

Genderbending Queerparty IV – Decadance


Museumnacht 2017 – WORM’s Love Offensive

Avantgardistic State

De Grote Hoop: Niek Hilkmann