Floppy Total Festival

Floppy Culture!

Floppy Totaal is the first festival in the world entirely devoted to contemporary floppy disk culture and art. Starting out as a one-off event in 2014, it is now a two-day international festival with contributors from across the globe showcasing recent developments in the field by means of lectures, workshops, performances and installations. It is the perfect opportunity to learn all about the unlimited potential of the floppy disk within experimental publication, video and music!

The afternoon programmes for the 2017 edition boasted an in-depth floppy video workshop given by Florian Cramer and an Amiga floppy VJ’ing seminar headed by The C-Men. Floppies were copied at Graham Boosey’s floppy music booth, and floppy tunes were spun at Aymeric Mansoux’s floppy jukebox. Floppy installations were shown by Lidia Pereira, Silvio Lorusso and Dennis de Bel.

There was an exclusive floppy cabaret  with Florian Cramer, Sascha Müller, Jason Scott, Pancake Promises, Thomas Walskaar, XPUP and The Player, Holy Void, The C-Men, Lidia Pereira, O900 Isopod, Silvio Lorusso, The Cryovolcano, Dennis de Bel and Niek Hilkmann in action and witness who wins 2017’s prestigious flop of the year award!

You can also listen to some pocket calculator tunes made at the festival here!





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