Antti Tolvi (FI)

#Sound Studio

Residency: 16 – 20 November, 2016

Antti Tolvi is a father, composer, sound artist and performer based in Finland. His work is exploratory and meditative, using his environment as inspiration to investigate sound.


Your work?

I’m working pretty widely with sound; playing, composing, feeling, healing, building installations/instruments, and listening. Most of my work tries to delve deeper into sound itself. I try to feel everything and hear that as one big great harmony without having to add or take away anything.



We were performed at WORM earlier this autumn with KEIJUT. Someone from WORM showed us the studio and I saw the ARPs (2500 / 2600) and Serge synths. It’s been my dream for a long time to be able to work with the ARP 2500.


What did you work on at the Sound Studio?

I had a lot of ideas on what I could do before I arrived. But most of the time I found myself just listening and recording ARP 2500 droning. I want to do a record where one half is recorded in WORM with the ARP 2500, and the other somewhere else with Buchla. Let’s see if that will happen.
Watch Antti play with the beloved ARP 2500:

Tsembla in WORM Sound Studios

WORM – Open City

Open City

Museumnacht 2017 – WORM’s Love Offensive

Avantgardistic State

Designing a New (WORM) World – Rodrigo Cardoso

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