Thu 21 Mar '19 - Concert

Zu (IT) + Albatre (PT, Roffa)

Legendary - and highly adaptable - Italian trio

Italian trio Zu have carried on doing their own thing for the best part of two decades.

Happily free from any idea of “genre classification”, Zu love to collaborate, joining forces with luminaries such as Mike Patton, Damo Suzuki, Mats Gustafsson, King Buzzo of the Melvins, David Tibet, FM Einheit of Einstuerzende Neubauten Jessica Moss of Thee Silver Mt Zion, Thurston Moore, Jim O’ Rourke, Mats Gustafsson, Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and Gabe Serbian of The Locust.


Unsurprisingly the band have created a very varied body of work; including 15 major releases and thousands of gigs. However, while Zu ’s musical language has changed a lot over the years, the essence remains the same.

The screwed up, angry, either riff-based or totally abstract punk-metal-free jazz-noise played by Albatre may be one of the very best offers coming from the Rotterdam underground scene. Everything emerged in distortion and with a sometimes heavy, sometimes crazy-fast beat. But if the music is explosive and always searching for the maximum impact, there’s a place for nuance and detail, with the three contributors throwing intriguing elements into the magma of sound. All wrapped with live visuals by their longtime road partner and fourth member, video artist 5upleft.

“ALBATRE is a brain blow. With a jazz -core vortex that devours us.” Bad Alchemy Magazine.

Stage times:

20:30 Doors Open
22:15 Zu

+ DJ’s Noiserr + Regenerative Feedback (throughout the evening)