Full side programme of Cafe Disorient:
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition

Program – البرنامج – programma

Exhibition – المعرض – Expositie
WORM – S/ash Gallery
8/11- 30/11 2019

Opening – الافتتاح– Opening
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition
WORM Slash Gallery

Concert – الحفل – Concert
Nawa Ensemble & Stryder
tickets € 7 Door, € 6 Presale, € 5 Students

Film screening – عرض فيلم – Filmvertoning
Valentino’s Ghost – Why We Hate Arabs And Muslims
19:30: screening (English)
21:45: Q&A with director Michael Singh via Skype

Zine Making – صنع مجلة- Zine Avond
Zine Club X Café Disorient
WORM Foyer

Finissage – الاختتام- Afsluiting
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Thu 21 Nov '19 - Pirate Bay

Zine Club x Cafe Disorient


Throughout its history, zine-making, as part of DIY culture, has been all about spreading alternative to the mainstream information, with a preference to horizontal, collaborative ethics. This special edition is in collaboration with Cafe Disorient https://worm.org/production/cafe-disorient-razzle-dazzle-edition/!

Susanne Khalil Yusef is an emerging artist that makes installations and works with ceramics, textile, painting and ready-mades. Next to her practice, she is currently co-curating an exhibition about colonialism and decolonisation.

We have prepared for you a selection of books related to The Handala Archives and Susanne’s art practice which will serve as the base for making our zines.

White Innocence

All that Remains

Gaza Graffiti

Art Power

Integration Impossible

Susanne is building The Handala archives to learn about her history as a child of Palestinian refugees. She is sharing it in exhibitions because Palestinian history is inaccessible and scattered due to years of war, and the visitors are adding to it with their personal stories.

We will start the night with a tea and coffee ceremony served by Susanne (currently exhibiting at WORM Slash Gallery).

Additionally, we are showing a selection of films by Arab makers from the WORM Pirate Bay Archive in our fluffy pink display!

Associations with Ramallah (2015) (Dutch) (duration 7:11)
Breaking News (2016) (Arabic/English) (duration 10:02)
Handala Will Not Grow Up Untill He Can Go Home – Ode To Manu (2016) (Dutch) (duration 8:32)
WAAR (HERE) (2016) (Dutch) (duration 5:52)
Waar Is Elmer? (2015) (Dutch) (duration 6:32)
Kaf-Ka (2017) (Arabic/Hebrew – Eng Sub) (duration 17:04)