Thu 30 May '19 - Concert

Youngs & Maranha & Corsano + Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes

Musical Porosity Par Excellence

Youngs, Maranha & Corsano
A friend tells WORM that, “Youngs, Maranha & Corsano are three of the most idiosyncratic and illuminated artists working in the sprawling field where the most defiant and unmapped musics converge.” This, then, sounds like a night not to be missed.

Glaswegian Richard Youngs has carved a fascinating path between folk-infused reveries, devotional drone, a capella hymns, electronic excursions and most points in-between. Youngs has worked on dozens of albums and collaborations, and recorded on labels such as Jagjaguwar, Ba Da Bing! or No Fans.

David Maranha has, for over 30 years, conveyed his spiraling vision on the organ, percussion and violin; through drone, improv or ritualistic excursions in different shapes. A unique vision that translated the eternal in a sprawling language through countless performances, approaches and records; like ‘Marches of the New World’ and the classic ‘Antarctica’.

An unstoppable North American drummer whose lexicon seems to be constantly expanding into new and exciting forms, Chris Corsano is justifiably one of the most requested musicians within the improv, free jazz, and out-rock. Corsano has been travelling all over the globe with the most disparate but always relevant and visionary artists, such as Evan Parker, Jim O’Rourke, Thurston Moore, Paul Flaherty or Jandek.

Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes
The guitar improv duo Flowers/Ghosts explore the unrepeatable and difficult to control aspects of the electric guitar. This includes sounds that arise unexpectedly from the complexity of the guitar’s electronic circuitry, through big layerings of sounds, to microtonal clashing chords. This exploration often conjures up unrepeatable instant compositions that move between ambient, jazz, blues and noise. Echoes is the visual project of Felix Bodin. Using a self-designed visual instrument, projections are reverberated through the performance space with the use of a malleable mirrored surface; which spreads, distorts or focuses digitally generated patterns into unique light and projection shows.


Youngs, Maranha & Corsano

Improconcert met drie unieke muzikanten zonder evenknie: Richard Youngs, David Maranha en Chris Corsano. Richard Youngs uit Glasgow heeft een rijke discografie opgebouwd die zich beweegt tussen uitersten: sprookjesfolk, drones, a capella, noise -altijd op volstrekt eigen wijze. David Maranha (Por) laat zich al meer dan dertig jaar gelden op orgel, percussie en viool, waarbij hij net als Youngs zijn heel eigen benadering voorop zet. Chris Corsano (VS), ten slotte, is een meesterlijke, veelgevraagde drummer met een staalkaart aan elektrificerende impro, freejazz en out-rock op zak.

Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes

Audiovisuele samenwerking uit Den Haag tussen aan de ene kant Flowers/Ghosts en aan de andere kant Echoes. Flowers/Ghosts is een gitaarduo, gefixeerd op de meer oncontroleerbare aspecten van de elektrische gitaar, zoals gevat in stukken waarin ambient, jazz, blues en noise zijn te horen. Echoes is een visueel project van Felix Bodin rondom een zelfgebouwd visueel instrument, waarbij spiegeling een belangrijke rol speelt.