Tue 17 Sep '19 - Feestje


Der Glückliche Verlust: Maaike & Zuza's goodbye party

We start at 18.00!

We run till way too late, we apologize in advance!

Now that Zuza & Maaike are gone “Almost the Best Bar Team in the World”!

Super Geiles Musik!

Many, Many, Many Special Guests!

An Evening Full of Surprises!

Gone is Gone, You might never see these two any more, so take this chance.

Tanz, tanz, tanz nochmal ein bisschen, Liebchen <3

All This For Free!


Tonight we are waving goodbye to two long-time employees of the WORM & #WUNDERBAR crew!

In the left corner, we have the OG of the Eigenes family, the inner spirit of WORM, the always caring and loving: M A A I K E…

With her unique mix of disco hits, flattering smiles and colourful tattoos, she’s surely a force who will be missed! But no worries, luckily Maaike is even more fun in front of the bar & behind the decks than behind the bar.

In the right corner, we have the one and only Pesticide (wo)man, our crazy ball of energy, and the always fashionable: Z U Z A…

With her ability to make great body lotions, and to drink like only Polish people can, her leaving will be a great loss to our team. Zuza might not be pouring drinks anymore, but her lively spirit will linger around our bar searching for the Wodka bottles for a long time.

What can you expect tonight?
* The Very Best of the #WE-DJ Team will all come along for impromptu DJ sets including;
The return of a true veteran of the #WE gang, a YouTube Hardcore set entirely on iPhone!
Pretentious vinyl playing. And Mr Foster, with some of the most annoying avant-garde nonsense imaginable.
#Wunderbar’s first-ever cassette-set.
* Tracy & Zuza will perform the “Pesticide Men” song for us all.
* Maybe some live-sets
* Definitely maybe some finger food & candy!
* Handkerchiefs
* Tears of sadness because these two Wonderwoman are leaving us.



Bring deine Freundinnen und Freunde, heute Abend ist für jeder die beim WORM und #Wunderbar Zu Hause ist.
Feiern Sie mit uns das letzte Mal, dass diese beiden lieben Menschen mit uns zusammen sind.
Wenn dies so klingt, als würden sie sterben, ist dies nicht der Fall.