Wed 13 Dec '17 - Feestje

#Wunderbar Eigenes #8 Roof Is On Fire!

Wir sind wieder da Menschen und DU bist eingeladen!

Best Barteam in the World!
Super Geile Musik!
Special Guests!
Full of Surprises!

This time WORM and #Wunderbar’s own Jorrit and Henrietta have a party planned in our Avantgardistic State of Love: heres a little message for you :

“We always find a good moment for celebrating. And we always have friends to celebrate with. This time we will have some East European treats, exhibitionist DJs, and hopefully some highly educated strip dancers. You all helped with the crowd funding organised by Zuza and Joanna, and now its our time to lick yo’ asses until they stretch. Of course, we are kidding. There is no party. But we will try to make one. See you there. Bring your fire extinguisher. We dont like it when it gets too hot.” Henrietta Müller & Jorrit Westerhof

Of course, they will be accompanied by the infamous #WE-crew, our fabulous Master of Ceremony and DJ Monsieur LeVurrr and your crazy party hosts Maaike und Robin.

What are you waiting for? Come celebrate life with us, and bring your loved ones! Heute Abend ist fur jeder die beim WORM und #Wunderbar zu Hause ist!